Enjoy Top 5 Sights with Local Guide - Zagreb Walking Tours

Reserve our budget-friendly 2-hour walking tour with Andrija, our knowledgeable guide that will spare you the boring facts. Save your precious vacation time, and instead of googling "what to do in Zagreb" for hours, get right down to the unique and rich history of the capital of Croatia.

1. Ban Jelačić Square – the story of freedom
With his horse and saber up in the sky, the statue of count Josip Jelačić was unveiled in 1867. Jelačić is a significant figure in Zagreb and Croatian history in general – so why did it did disappear from the square in 1947.? We will leave it to Andrija to paint a perfect picture of these turbulent times.
The architectural design of the 19th century combined with the laughter of students who meet up under "the clock" for an afternoon coffee is a perfect starting point of your tour and a place that describes Zagreb the best – a modern city rich with history.

Before you continue your walking tour around Zagreb, don't forget to throw a coin into the Manduševac fountain and make a wish!

2. Taste fresh fruit and meet the legends of Dolac Market
Just some stairs above the Ban Jelačić square, working hard with a smile on their face, are many ladies (and some gentlemen) that the locals call "kumice s placa."
Except buying delicious and fresh products that are budget-friendly, you will often receive advice for your personal life or a compliment – maybe you did not ask for it, but surely it will make your day! Since Andrija has his connections for discounts, this is a place you have to visit when you travel to Zagreb. ?

And when you look above the red parasols of the Dolac Market, you will notice the two towers of the Zagreb Cathedral. The Cathedral of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of the most impressive Gothic-style sacral monuments in this part of Europe. It is THE trademark of Zagreb, a must-see for its visitors, and a place of comfort for many Zagrebians.

3. Find out the "Secret of the Bloody Bridge"
The Bloody Bridge (Krvavi most) is a passage that connects the two most vibrant streets today: Tkalčićeva street and Radićeva street. In medieval times, the Bloody Bridge divided area Kaptol and Gradec into two small cities with one big fight – that lasted for four centuries!
No wonder this inspired the first professional Croatian journalist and talented writer, Marija Jurić Zagorka, to write her famous novel "Secret of the Bloody Bridge."

After walking around, one of the great things to do in Zagreb is to take it easy - enjoy some of the best restaurants and bars in Zagreb city center. Or purely relax cost-free in one of the many parks like Zrinjevac.

4. Take a moment for yourself at the Zagreb Stone Gate
Just outside the walls of Gradec, once an entrance, today Stone Gate is a shrine and one of the landmarks of the Upper Town of Zagreb.
You will notice people standing in peace and silence while many candlelights flicker. Leave it to Andrija to explain the importance of Kamenita vrata (Stone Gate), and afterward, feel free to light a candle for something or someone close to your heart.

5. Discover the best viewpoint in Zagreb where the Grič cannon strikes
Built in the 13th century to protect the south city gate, you can climb up the Lotrščak Tower and enjoy a breathtaking 360 panoramic view. The legend says that the Grič cannon was fired from the Lotrščak Tower in the 15th century as a warning that the Turks were coming to battle.
Since then, the locals have had an explosive daily reminder that it's noon.

St. Mark’s Square is a perfect place to end your voyage through the rich history of the capital of Croatia. The central square of Upper Town (Gornji Grad), surrounded by governmental buildings - you have to come during spring and summer when it comes to life.

Wear cozy sneakers and start your Elite Travel walking tour
Have you ever heard of the Museum of Broken Relationships? Located in the city center, you can find out what people leave behind when their hearts (and a few egos) get broken. Let us know if you wish to visit the museum during the walking tour.
Andrija always assembles smaller groups. Because of this, you always have time to ask questions or recommendations about things to do in Zagreb.